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Give the Gift of Cheese!

The perfect gift for someone who loves cheese but also anyone who loves food, this selection of cheeses will be appreciated more than any gift from a shopping mall.

Petit Vaccarinus (Vacherin Mont D'Or)

Vacherin Mont d'Or is one of the most searched for delicacy in Switzerland and France, Fresh grass, cream, and - yes - barnyard, wood, tannins (from the fir band)

 Epoisses (Berthaut)

From Burgundy  France, Epoisses by Berthaut is one of the great cheeses of the world. It is washed in brine and has a very pungent aroma and rich, creamy interior.  The rind is rinsed with Marc de Bourgogne, a liqueur that is a by-product of the local wine industry.

Robiola 3 latti (Luigi Guffanti)

Made using cows, sheep and goats milk with a bloomy rind. The texture may be chalky towards the center when young and, soft  and flavorful when fully ripe

Pont l’Eveque

Pont l’Eveque has a creamy, finely textured paste, is smooth with an extremely pleasant taste . As the cheese ripens, the rind takes on an orange/red color, with an interior  that is soft and yellow

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