Customer Pick: Pumpkin Pasta

We love when our customers love our food! Marsha from Somerville jokes that when Al sees her come in to the store, he knows she's headed right to the pumpkin pasta. We carry this seasonal treat from October to January, which can be a heartbreak for a devoted customer like Marsha. She says she was upset to see it gone this summer and was very happy when a friend texted her to say it was back on the shelves.

Marsha has tried all kinds of pasta and sauce combinations and says Capone's Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto is a great complement to the pumpkin and nutmeg flavor.

"I like the sweet taste of the pumpkin. It has a lot of body, and the Sun-Dried Tomato gives it a little kick."

Come by Somerville or Cambridge and pick up a bag of pumpkin pasta to try this delicious pairing for yourself.

*If you have a Capone Foods pasta and sauce pairing you swear by, or a recipe using our products that you'd love to share-- let us know! Email Jenn at or search Capone Foods on Facebook and send us a message.

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