About Us

                                                                    A Long Time Ago

It’s Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. My mission this morning is to thicken a mushroom sauce, made from 80 pounds of mushrooms, shallots, garlic, thyme and other spices, that started cooking the night before. 

As I arrive, the roasted mushrooms have been drained, and the flavorful liquid is almost boiling. To my left, on the stove, a shiny saucepan filled with duck fat and crisp, purple-outlined pink and translucent shallots — a key ingredient in our chicken sausages — begins to sizzle. In the oven, bright orange-colored chunks of butternut squash, destined to become soup, glisten with melted Plugra butter and bake with sliced shallots and a few hands of fresh ginger mixed in. To my right, fresh basil and — guess what? — more shallots are being coarsely chopped for our plum tomato and basil sauce. Finally, behind me, I hear the pasta machine start humming as it extrudes dough to be made into linguine, which, a long, long time ago, was the first thing we ever made.

As I walk back to my office to jot down these thoughts, I can’t help thinking that at least in our own little food world, we have come a long way, and everything is alright.