All About Olives (and Cheese)


On Monday we discussed pairings for our Putanesca Sauce and this past weekend we tasted Villa Oro's Picual olive oil in Cambridge, so today let's talk about olives and the cheeses that go with them.

Our Spiced Pitted Sicilian Green Olives are marinated with garlic, red pepper, oregano, and other spices. They're a key ingredient in our Argentine empanadas and an excellent addition to chicken or pork dinners. Enjoy them with a cheddar cheese.

Our Sicilian Oil Cured Olives are concentrated and a little salty. Marinate them with garlic, hot pepper, and olive oil or heat on the stove for a warm olive appetizer. Pair with our Homemade Ricotta and a sprinkle of coarse sea salt.   

Classic Greek Kalamata olives love to get cozy with Feta cheese while bright green and buttery Cerignola Olives go well in lamb dishes and with a creamy Asiago.

And, of course, they all go well with a glass of wine (or a martini)!


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