Customer Pick: Ravioli Appetizers

Food always tastes best when shared with friends and family. Local customer Natalie let us in on one of her favorite ways to enjoy Capone Foods ravioli with her loved ones: as toasted appetizers!

Natalie recommends boiling the ravioli as directed before searing them in olive oil in a very hot pan until toasted on one side. She says the texture change adds a new level of flavor to the pasta. She likes to top them with Argentine Sardo (less salty than Parmigiano) and serve with toothpicks to get the party started.

Pick up a flavor variety for your next gathering and assorted pestos and sauces on the side for dipping. Have your friends choose their favorite and fill us in!

*If you have a fun way to serve your favorite Capone Foods or a recipe using our products that you'd love to share-- let us know! Email Jenn at or like Capone Foods on Facebook and send us a message.

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