Hostess Gifts

Looking for a last minute hostess gift? Don't worry-- we've got plenty of delicious ideas!

1. Forget the standard bottle of wine and bring a bottle of red wine vinegar. A nice bottle of Balsamic will last longer than the course of dinner and your hosts will think of you whenever they enjoy it.

The Crismona Crianza wine vinegar is what we use for the Capone Foods Spanish Vinaigrette gift bag. Along with extra virgin olive oil and an assertive Dijon mustard, it makes all the essentails for a classic vinaigrette. 

2. A specialty honey or a fig spread will be a great complement to an appetizer cheese plate.

Pick up an assortment of Solmielato Honey small jars for a variety of flavors or a large jar of a fan favorite like the Orange or Lemon Blossom.

3. Who can say no to cookies?

Local company Toni's Own makes traditional Anisette, Pizzelle and Lemon Burst cookies. All of them taste best with a cup of coffee or tea!

Check out the display table at our Cambridge store for more gifts to show your gratitude.



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