A Capones-Cooked Valentine's Day

Everyone knows that the way to a loved one's heart is through their stomach, so let us help you out this Valentine's Day with a home-cooked meal-- we'll do the hard part, you just heat.

  • Surprise your sweetheart with breakfast in bed. Our Spinach & Mushroom Strata makes an early-morning treat with savory egg, sautéed mushrooms, and Asiago cheese. Serve with a glass of sparkling wine and a splash of cranberry juice for a pretty (and delicious) complement.
  • For dinner, keep the romance going with Bolognese Rice Balls before the main event: our succulent Shrimp Ravioli. Serve them with a container of our Plum Tomato & Basil Sauce mixed with a 6-ounce Alfredo Sauce to add a creamy, rose-colored touch to your table.
  • Finally, finish the evening with a hand-filled cannoli or a peach-brandy Stuffed Fig, covered in decadent, dark Callebaut chocolate.

Whoever said "food is love," certainly had it right. Still looking for suggestions? Come in and ask and we'll make sure Cupid gets a little help from our kitchen.

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